Adding music and images to Ringo

Make your phone the ultimate media player!

Ringo phone is fully equipped to reproduce several media type files.

It comes equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and a speaker which lets you play audio files in .wav format. 

Its 160×128 pixel screen may not be the biggest one, but it can show some very nice quality images.

Since the memory of the brain board is really small, all media files are located on a micro SD card.

We have already prepared some cool melodies that you can use as your ringtone and listen in the media app, as well as some images from some of our older products. 

Through the media app, you will also be able to see all the screenshots taken while you were in games, as they will be saved in the same folder as all the other images.

Where is it all located?

By plugging in an SD card in your computer (you can do it by using our micro SD to USB tool) you will find several folders containing video games and files.

Folders we are interested in are Music and Images

Music folder should at first be empty since all the default ringtones are located in the Ringtones folder, while Images folder should be filled with some of our images.


To add new image files to your phone, simply transfer .jpg type file to the Images folder.

Image files have to be in .jpg format, otherwise, they won’t work.

In order to see the full image, you have to resize it to 160×128 resolution which can be done using one of the many online tools or some desktop software.



To add your music, simply transfer files from your computer to the Music folder (you can also use Ringtones folder).

Music files have to be in .wav format, otherwise, they won’t work.

The sample rate needed is 44100Hz and it must be MONO channel.

To convert your wave files to the proper sample rate there are hundreds of sites like this or this where you can set your desired sample rate when downloading.  

When you insert the SD card back to your phone, all your files should appear in the media app.

If you can’t find them, simply restart the phone and everything should be set. 

The headphone jack is waiting!

Just put it on max volume and enjoy.

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