Chapter #2

Let's quickly cover the basic tools and material you'll need for assembling your MAKERbuino

You’ve carefully read the previous section and checked that you have all the components, good job!

There are some tools and equipment that are required for the assembly and they are not included in the standard kit.
If you’ve bought the standard kit (not a kit with tools) and don’t have them, now would be a good time to borrow or purchase them.

These tools are useful whenever assembling, fixing or modifying electronic devices and should be the part of every maker’s/hacker’s/modder’s/electrician’s equipment.
Many of these are available in a supermarket or in some professional DIY electronics stores like Radio Shack, Adafruit, Sparkfun….

Soldering iron


Any entry level ‘all-in-one’ soldering iron that you might find at your local hardware store should work (recommended power – something around 30W).

It’s a good idea to upgrade to a more expensive soldering station with temperature regulation if you plan to dive into the world of DIY electronics more thoroughly.



We highly advise buying a rosin core, 60/40 solder.

This type of solder is usually preferred by the DIY electronics community for similar soldering projects.

Be careful when buying solder, bad solder leads to lots of complications like bad solder joints and unwanted bridging.

Diagonal Cutter Pliers


You’ll need pliers like this to trim leads of soldered components and cut wires.
We prefer this type showed on the picture (Plato, model 170).

Standard cross screwdriver


You’ll need this one to mount the casing and the LCD screen. A regular cross screwdriver with a shaft diameter of 3mm or smaller is sufficient.

Some insulating tape


You’ll need some sort of adhesive to fixate MAKERbuino’s speaker to the back side of the casing.

Our advice: some insulating or similar tape is the best choice here, but a tube of superglue or a hot glue gun will also do the job. Although, it will not look as tidy as it could if you’ve used the tape for fixation.

Extra tools that are not mandatory for assembling the MAKERbuino but might come in handy

Here are a few tools that will prove useful if you plan to do some more making after you make your MAKERbuino:

Desoldering vacuum tool (aka. solder sucker)


This tool is useful for cleaning up soldering mistakes but is not 100% necessary for assembling your MAKERbuino.
If you plan to do some hacking, modding, or any kind of hardware repair or rework in the future, buying this one is a good idea.

Helping third hand with magnification


This one is also not necessary but will make your life (…and soldering) much easier when it comes to assembling and/or repairing devices more complicated than the MAKERbuino.



It will prove useful for testing some tricky connections and measuring supply voltage. Besides that, a good multimeter can help you test resistors, transistors, diodes, capacitors, measure the current and do all sorts of other useful things.

Solder wick


You can use it along with the desoldering vacuum tool to clean up soldering mistakes. It will clean the excess solder from the places unreachable with a regular desoldering vacuum tool.

Have you got everything you need? Great, let's start soldering

Chapter #3

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