ByteBoi – Build & code your own retro game console

Our customers loved our first product MAKERbuino. ByteBoi is an improved and reimagined version of our beloved 8-bit educational gaming device.

This device is an open-source retro game console that you can assemble and code yourself.

ByteBoi can be coded in MakeCode Arcade – an awesome online coding interface with a bunch of examples and tutorials. 

You can even use your ByteBoi for remote controlling your Wheelson because of the built-in Wi-Fi chipset.

What you’ll get:

  • 240×320 full-color TFT display 
  • Main circuit board with an integrated ATSAMD51 32-bit microcomputer with 120MHz CPU, 192kB of SRAM, and 512kB of FLASH memory
  • Li-Po battery
  • Acrylic casing
  • A bag of other small components such as resistors, pushbuttons, nuts and bolts
  • An instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to assemble your own gaming device
  • How video game consoles work
  • How to code your own video game
  • How to animate characters and simulate physics in a video game
  • How to interface your ByteBoi with your Wheelson

What you can do with it:

  • Play pre-made games on your ByteBoi
  • Make your own video game and brag about it in front of your friends
  • Connect your ByteBoi to the internet
  • Share your creations with a community of game makers
  • Byte the road, Jack

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